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Surf and Sand Wedding- Allyson and Shadow

This is a good one… I met Allyson at Niguel Hills Jr High when we were a mere 12 years old. As we entered Dana Hills High School I was immersed in photography, Ally landed a spot on the yearbook staff too. Not to brag, but our school was known for always winning #1 nationally […]

Destination Wedding- An enchanting evening in Sonoma

Every wedding has it own special qualities. Sometimes it’s the location itself, sometimes it’s the couple who are simply too cute, every once in a while it’s even just the gaggle of guests that can lift the entire room. This one had it all! Michelle’s parents actually live in Sonoma, therefore it wasn’t much of […]

Whitney and Mike= St Regis + St Edwards Church + Talega Golf Club

These kids had themselves a busy day!  We hopped from location to location to location documenting just how their day unfolded. Mike and Whitney had a room awaiting them at the St Regis, so might as well get ready there too!  We not only got to photograph Whitney as she slipped on her gorgeous gown, […]

Rebecca and Harrison- Talega Golf Club Wedding

I had such a good feeling that we’d get along great when I first sat down with Rebecca and Harrison.  And they continued to prove me right throughout the entire process.  Everything from planning and executing their engagement session to finalizing the wedding plans they were so warm and welcoming.  The wedding day was nothing […]

Tanni and Glen- LDS Morman Temple, Newport Beach Wedding

Tanni and Glen have a great story… First off,  Tanni found me through a camera shop whom I’ve worked with for years.  The owner has seen me go from photo classes buying dark room supplies to getting my hands on my first digital camera, now to 15 solid years in the business.  He suggested me […]

Engagement with a San Clemente theme

Rebecca and Harrison are my little pool sharks… They approach me at 6pm sharp at San Clemente pier, saying they’ve never done anything like this before.  They claim they’ve never taken real pictures together before.  And Rebecca even admits to me she’s nervous.  I’m thinking I’ll have to coax them into feeling natural, casual and […]

Lauren and Adam- La Casa del Camino Hotel

Before I find myself gushing over this couple, this day and all of it’s gorgeousness I feel compelled to explain a bit about the location itself.  You see La Casa del Camino Hotel is one, if not THE, oldest grand hotel in Laguna Beach.  Built in 1929 it’s been on the corner of Cress and […]

Dove Canyon sets the scene for Kim and Brian

I love working at Dove Canyon.  Every time I’m there I find a new spot of light or patch of backdrop to play with.  They offer such a serene environment for the mood of the day.  Everything from their spacious bridal prep room to the stunning glass and wood reception room with expansive views of […]

Jenny and Brandon Tie it at Talega

These two have been nothing short of a complete pleasure to get to know and work with.  Everything from our first meeting, the beachy themed engagement session (even Brandon picking up prints before Christmas and hanging out in my kitchen while I baked cookies) to the day itself I’ve had such an enjoyable experience.  Their […]

Ryan and Shane – Engagement Shoot Country Style

There is something so wonderfully genuine about Ryan.  After a phone call and a consultation I couldn’t wait to point a camera at this darling, bubbly girl!  I knew Shane was going to be someone special to have reeled in this catch.  The number one reason I thrive on engagement shoots is to get to […]

Brittany and Eric’s Big Day!

Another slam dunk for Talega Golf Club!  The day was elegant, progressed seamlessly and was filled with joy and happiness.  And Brittany has a smile and laugh that could light up any room, let alone the beautiful ballroom at Talega.  She’s so fun to be around, nothing but positive energy surrounds her.  When I first […]

Erika and George tie the knot at Dove Canyon

This couple has been a total joy to work with!  They found me through a previous bride so I felt like I knew them a bit better than a fresh start.  But because we did their engagement session in San Francisco (samples are blogged under the engagement category) and then Erika did a sexy shoot […]

Santa Monica Style, Wendy and JJ

Wendy and JJ were an absolute blast to spend the day with!  Not only the bride and groom but the entire wedding party and guests were so warm, friendly and fun.  It was an international affair with Wendy moving to DC from Bermuda and all of JJ’s family being from Australia.  For the two families […]

Mr and Mrs Ward’s Surf and Sand Soirée

Us photogs are always drawn to showing off the huge weddings with all the bells and whistles… it’s so important to also share the intimate, darling, smaller ones too.  Wendy and Brian had but 6 guests for their special day and it couldn’t have been more beautiful.  I love that they still thought to utilize […]

Renata & Marcus – A Sneak Peek

What a really unique setting at a venue I know so well, The Newport Beach Marriott.  When I first met Renata I knew we’d get along great.  She’s so down to earth yet savvy, bright, witty and all about capturing her day in an artistic, elegant way.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to know Marcus before-hand […]

Shina and Eric – Bella Collina, San Clemente

Normally I like to create a collage of my favorites to post as a blog, but this time I am far too antsy to wait.  I am pulling and posting straight images to share some ‘best of’ asap for Shina and Eric.  The day went by so quickly staying very closely to a concise timeline, […]

Jessica and Josh -Nixon Library

I am always ready to rumble for a wedding at Nixon Library!  Working with the fabulous Ashley Powell of Agape Planning (she really is the bees knees) the gardens, the beautiful ornate ballroom… all big draws to inspire me.  Jess and Josh mixed in many Jewish traditions to make their wedding day both special to […]

Andrew and Vanessa

These two have so much serendipity in their love story it would be fighting the heavens to NOT be together.  I could go on and on with tales of their kismet, it was even discussed in their ceremony, but I’ll just give you a taste.  Andrew’s Father was saying there was a time he was […]

Philip and Letty in Amore

Such a happy couple… such a perfectly flawless day… This is actually a GREAT story of how I came to photograph Phil & Letty’s big day.  It started back in 2002 when I first met the groom.  Man, was it a super “special” first impression.  My very first titanium Apple laptop took a complete digger […]

Courtney “Tys” the knot

I loved this day… had SO much fun with Courtney and Ty.  I’ve known Courtney for almost 10 years now.  She first came to me just 18 years old and starting a modeling career.  Over the years I did so many stylized, creative portfolio shoots with her and really got to know the bubbly FUN […]