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Fabiano Family Fun

I adore this family… Honestly, I think I know them better than I really do just from seeing them throughout the years. I photographed 2 of the 3 siblings weddings (in all fairness I didn’t know Vicki when she got married) so I’ve seen some really special moments of their lives through my lens. Now […]

Michele + Siegfried at The Decorative Arts Villa, San Juan Capistrano

I’m not sure which I am more enamored by, the venue itself or this couple’s awesome love story… I hadn’t done an event at The Villa in years, therefore behind those beautiful wooden doors I pass often, I finally had the opportunity to see all that has been refurbished and remodeled by the newer owners. […]

Family Heritage Theme for the Mendoza’s

I met Amber and Alejandro before they tied the knot over 7 years ago, having the true honor of photographing their wedding day. Since then I’ve seen them have two beautiful children, capturing both the pregnancy and newborn milestones. And now here we are all these years later with Vicki at 2 years and Gabby […]

Taryn + Matthew Make it Official at Marbella

What a great story… These two went through high school together, had their first kiss on her Birthday in Mammoth (a girl after my own heart) and have been a couple ever since. The up’s and down’s of 9 years of life have surely proved that they can stand the test of time. It’s very […]

A Sneak Peek JS + Jen at Marbella Country Club

JS and Jen are such a fun couple… and truly in love.  The way they treat each other, even the way they look at each other is what we all wish to have.  Ironically they live a stone’s throw away in my neighborhood too. I can literally see their backyard from my balcony, so I’m […]

Boys Will Be Boys!

I had such a fun afternoon with these two littles.  Alex and Matthew are a couple of characters!  Bryn, their Mom, found me because we both went to the same high school (DHHS-go dolphins!) and I’ve done some shoots of other alums.  She was the athlete, surprise surprise I was the yearbook camera nerd.  And […]

Marci + Kevin / Forester Mansion

The beautiful Forester Mansion was built back in 1910 perched on a hill in San Juan Capistrano.  Since then the 5 freeway has hugged it’s perimeters, homes have popped up and even a small strip mall to it’s left.  Amazing that it’s not only still relevant but a gorgeous setting for a wedding over 100 […]