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Family Fun in Big Bear

A Message to Finn: Dear Finn, I met your Mom right around the time she bumped into your Dad at a concert. So like you, I’ve never known them to be apart. As their love evolved I was then asked to photograph their wedding day. You know the big book full of pictures with your […]

Erin and Michael’s Nature-filled Engagement in Big Bear

How can I possibly top Michael’s proposal to Erin on a peak in Machu Picchu? I had my work cut out for me… Erin and I immediately connected when we first sat down together because her relationship is so parallel to mine. We both met our other half many years ago, separated seemingly to move […]

The Motels + Duke Michaels Band at The Cave, Big Bear Lake

One of my biggest passions in life is music.  If I went blind and could no longer take a photograph, if my knees crumbled and I had to forgo snowboarding, mtn biking, hiking, if my taste buds disintegrated and the “foodie” in me no longer could exist I would still find a fulfilling comfort in […]

The Glory of Fall

We all love the beachy, laid back vibe of Southern California.  A lot of that adoration is due to the sunny days with some smattering of raindrops a few times a year.  However our trade off for this is the experience of the seasons.  I’ll often have clients who are looking for a fall theme […]

Mackenzie- Class of 2012

People find me in all sorts of ways… When I bought my home in Big Bear 7 years ago, little did I know what a huge responsibility a mountain house would be.  There’s always something!  I’ve spent years trying to duct tape or super glue all the quirky mishaps that continually unfold.  But some things […]

Big Bear Summer Series

I’ve been so busy with shooting and editing weddings the past few weeks that I’ve neglected the images I’ve been capturing throughout the summertime in Big Bear.  As you know, it’s my happy place therefore I’ve been escaping to it as much as possible around the nuptial nuttiness that is April through October.  Around my […]

The Beauty of Fall

To know me is to know my passion for winter.  The clean white, the stillness of nature and of course snowboarding!  But fall is definitely a close second.  Growing up in Laguna I didn’t really get to see the majesty that fall can bring.  I knew it got chilly at night and was the season […]