A Whole New World for Grayson

Sarah and Matt’s story is really sweet…

These two are actual high school sweethearts, transplants from the midwest and used to migrating for Matt’s work in the military. They’ve now made Hermosa Beach their roots, nesting for a baby. But not how you would automatically assume! Without great detail, I do know that they chose adoption and anxiously awaited the news that a birth mother had selected them to be proud parents. In fact, they decided to take a break, clear their head and let go of the outcome by a spontaneous trip to Hawaii. And the universe works in such amazing, mysterious ways. They landed, checked their phones and found a voicemail that they had a baby coming! Not only were they suddenly expecting but baby Grayson came FIVE WEEKS EARLY!! Sarah hadn’t even licked the stamps on the thank you cards from her baby shower and they were racing to the nic unit as he was stuck doing all the “premie things” to ensure he is solid to go home with them.

How did I come into the picture? Well, per usual one of my fantastic client/friends told her all about me and even paid for the session as a gift. She’s on her third baby, I photographed their wedding, yaddah yaddah so I came highly recommended lol. What a gift to ME to capture their very first professional photos of such a fleeting, important and love-filled time in their lives. I spent about three hours with this little guy fussing and refusing to relax, funny how babies just know their day is different. Even though he’s only had about 10 of them to judge, he wasn’t about to let go and sleep knowing there was clicking from a black box. Sarah laughed and said “this is the longest he’s been awake, literally, in his life” I officially annoyed him for a good cause and below are my top favorites that I simply couldn’t wait to share. Their afternoon is such a perfect example of a lifestyle shoot, just casual in their home. Timeless. Full of sentimental value. One big, warm fuzzy!

What a lucky little boy to be placed in the care of Matt and Sarah, he hit the jackpot!

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