Sarah and Sam’s Book Themed Engagement

Where do I begin to describe these two…

Let me start by a phone call from Sarah. Sweet Sarah, as I call her now. She reached out to get some pricing for her wedding day, care of Patti’s referral from Sherman Gardens in Corona Del Mar. It wasn’t more than a couple minutes into the conversation that I recognized her fun, witty, quirky sense of humor, her darling personality and what an intelligent yet humble young lady she really is. Fast forward to another 20 minutes into our chat and I’ve now realized she’s a very old soul with a huge heart. I was officially invested before even meeting her, let alone her endearing fiancĂ© Sam. Once we met in person (including her fun-loving Mom) I learned even more. I found out that they met during high school thanks to their jobs at Albertsons. I was amazed to hear that they went through college together, grew up together and made it through the crazy 20’s where you can often change so drastically! Sam was even there to meet and know her Father, lovingly caring for her after he passed away. Ten years into their relationship with plenty of triumphs and tribulations under their belts these two are tying the knot this summer! We all shared, laughed, chatted up a storm and really bonded that day. And I couldn’t imagine anyone else being there the day they say “I do” than me, clicking and documenting the entire thing.

Every single time we communicate I am reminded that I just love this girl! Sometimes you just “know” when you are meant to be in someone’s life, I have that intangible feeling with her. I admire her ability to be strong yet self deprecating. I love that she sees life in such an interesting way. Her quest for knowledge, literature, history, how she makes sense from things that seemingly don’t (lol, you know what I mean Sarah and Sam) it’s all very charming. And put them together, my goodness… after over 10 years they still kiss like they just met. They genuinely adore one another. I’m 100% confident these two can conquer anything! It’s extra special that they met so young and get to spend so much of their lives together. I have no doubt they’ll be just as adorable another 50 years down the road!

On to the engagement shoot itself, I am all about making it YOURS. They both spent so much time in school together, but also Sarah is a total book worm. She turned me on to a really interesting book store in Los Angeles and I was so sold on it being “the look”. I’ll go anywhere for something really unique so an hour in the car was easy-peasy. I even tried to talk them into shooting outside the LA Library just 1/4 mile down the road but they are so mellow and kind they didn’t want to over-do their time with me. I get it, not many dudes are super into running around taking photos all afternoon!! So we made the best of our one location at the coolest book store you’ll ever see. Seriously, so SO FUN! Below are the top 25 that I am dying to show off, but there are another 300 uploading now for them to scour. I think this is a stunning example of how your personality and interests can translate into beautiful photos that are meaningful to you as a couple. I hope they agree!

Now I am officially on a countdown to their wedding day August 11th. I am ridiculously excited to be there for such an important day in their life!

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