Destination Wedding- An enchanting evening in Sonoma

Every wedding has it own special qualities. Sometimes it’s the location itself, sometimes it’s the couple who are simply too cute, every once in a while it’s even just the gaggle of guests that can lift the entire room. This one had it all!

Michelle’s parents actually live in Sonoma, therefore it wasn’t much of a “designation wedding” for her side, but the vast open hillsides and vineyards were true eye candy for us So Cal residents. As we drove into town the goosebumps were raising on my arms; it’s one of those places you have to see for yourself to 100% understand the beauty. After spending 3 days there I think I can safely say I enjoy it even moreso than Napa. It’s smaller, with such a rustic, classy and rural feel.

The guests: I could easily get carried away describing! Her bridesmaids were all SO NICE, which isn’t always the case. Often times women can get wrapped up in how they look and what amount of fun they’re having at any given moment. These girls knew how to manage both being there for Michelle but also whooping it up. They were friendly and kind, just like her. The guys, FUN and easy going. And all about making sure Mike was having a smooth, fun day too. The 100+ guests, these people knew how to have a good time. Smiles, laughs, friendly to everyone (even us busy photographers) dancing, funny toasts… the list goes on. If I were a guest I’m sure I’d had made a few new friends from their gang! We all got to watch a sweet slideshow of the years together with the cherry on top being the video of Mike’s proposal on a zipline in a far-off tropical vacation. It’s rare to bear witness to the moment the groom pops the question and how the bride reacted, the guests were riveted (and I have to admit I was hanging on the moment too)

Last and most vital of an exceptional day was Michelle and Mike. These two… . It was as if they were both floating on a fluffy cloud ALL DAY LONG. I could tell without their touching words in their vows that they were so excited to be husband and wife. You see, they actually met a decade ago while in college. It was a fast connection that evolved from dating to living together to the commitment of adopting their fur-son “Geoffrey” (who you’ll see was at the wedding in his dashing bow tie) These two accomplished the feat of growing up and growing together. The 20s is a time where life can throw some funky curveballs, often times shaping who you become indefinitely. Their years together clearly only made them stronger and better for it. I know it’s common to see a bride and groom in love on their wedding day, I get that, but M&M were over-the-top over-the-moon with pure happiness! It’s contagious and united all that were surrounding them this day. I couldn’t have had a more genuine couple at a more beautiful locale with more lively of guests like a wish list wrapped up in a ribbon and bow for me to capture.

I’m beyond pumped to show Mr and Mrs Butron their 2300+ photos that are currently uploading to the online server. We over-shot the heck outta their day but simply had to. When the scene is set so magically I can’t help myself! So for now, this is the ultimate sneak peek for these two soulmates ~

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