Family Fun in Big Bear

A Message to Finn:

Dear Finn,

I met your Mom right around the time she bumped into your Dad at a concert. So like you, I’ve never known them to be apart. As their love evolved I was then asked to photograph their wedding day. You know the big book full of pictures with your Dad in the Scottish kilt, your Mom in the white princess gown and your Grandparents all dressed up? Yep, I took those photos little dude! We were all together at a winery celebrating that Mom & Dad promise to be together forever, but little did any of us know that there would be YOU.

When you came along you changed their lives in the best way possible forever. You have taught them so much about patience, kindness, unconditional love and what it means to see the world through a whole new set of eyes. As you grew so did that personality of yours. Your love for football and baseball, your quest to learn stuff either science or basic skills… your mild obsession with video games, the giggles that are oh-so uncontrollable when it comes to bodily functions. You are kind of fun to be around!

It was such a blast hanging out with you in Big Bear last Saturday. I love to share what I call my “happy place” with new people, so showing you some places I hold dear and even humoring me by having Indian food was a real treat to enjoy with you. You got me real good with that knock-knock joke too, almost as good as when I told you to put your hand in the wooden bear’s mouth then scared you silly lol!!!

I look forward to seeing you grow my little friend. I am sure there are so many treasures just waiting to emerge from your fantastic mind. And at the risk of sounding like a creepy old lady, if I were in the 2nd grade I sure would have a big ole crush on you xo

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