Family Matters, A Very Special One

I don’t usually post the same location for a blog back to back, you’ll see I just used this “enchanted forest” recently however this one turned out so different that it’s worth sharing as well. Of course the content, styling, location, right time of day, props, they all come together to make a photograph that is art. What also sets this one apart for me personally is the family itself.

I met Maya in the 3rd grade, just 8 years old. We have remained in touch ever since. We played and learned in Mrs Crawfords class. We’ve seen each other through the oh-so awkward tween phase, braces, growing pains. She coached me endlessly over my first love. We grew into the adults we are today likely from our influences. We were both such hard workers in our teens, taking jobs to earn and pay for our own stuff we needed/wanted and carrying that work ethic into our careers today. As we became adults we found our way in life and in love. I had the ultimate joy of photographing her wedding nearly a decade ago. Although I could have been a guest I WANTED to take care of her and knew I’d spend far more time with her on her wedding day clicking my camera than I ever would sitting in a chair, then munching tray-passed goodies, then watching her parked from a table amongst all the others. I got to be her shadow all day long! She found and married a good man, who dearly loves her. He takes care of her and will hold her hand through life.

Then along came the two most unique little personalities. Xaviar is a tender heart. He spends a lot of his attention on caring and being cared for. He listens. He wants to please. He’s already on path to be a nurturer. And little Quintin, he’s their silly heart. He’s a giggler, playful, light, and full of fun. I’ve photographed them all every year since little Q was, well, LITTLE. And we’ve built a tradition of creating something epic every single year! The bar continues to raise as we mull over locations, themes, “the look”…

This year we went for an entire living room set in the woods. A shopping trip to World Market and a lot of online clothing searches created this beautiful, timeless motif below. If you browse my blog, I know and have worked with a lot of (fantastic) people. This one is like sharing a piece of my own heart.

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