Enchanted Forest, Family Photos

I have had the true pleasure of working with Allie and Josh since their wedding almost a decade ago. They are the real deal, people… They live a casual lifestyle that encompasses love, fun, travel and their little girl named Piper. I’ve seen Piper from just a baby to now and I swear she only continues to get more beautiful. Stunning in fact is more the proper term. When she looks at you with those eyes you are engaged in her little world. Don’t let the pretty face fool you, she’s got quite a personality to match!

Allie just loves photography and Josh has learned to go along for that ride. She’s one of my clients who will go all-out for fantastic photos. We went back and forth reviewing “princess dresses” talk of headpieces, locations and all things to pre-plan a slam dunk. Her clothing choices and my location came together so perfectly. Just don’t ask me how difficult it was to lug my furniture to this spot (lol) Even “Gaga and Baba” came along to lend a hand (yep, that would be the Grandparents)

I drove away that evening feeling so grateful for people like The Barry Family who continue to come to me to create more than just family photos but actual art. I’m so lucky to have met this family (by the way I also photographed her sister’s wedding too) Being a part of their lives, even once a year, fills my heart. My list keeps getting longer of the awesome client/friends that I would keep photographing even if I won the lottery and didn’t need another dime. I’m one of the small percentile who can honestly say I would my career free if I could.

Here are a handful that warm the cockles of my heart!

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