Lia & Tyson’s Big Fat Greek Wedding!

What a super fun couple and a ridiculously fun day! Lia found me thanks to her coordinator, Marla Lackey of Cheers to You Events (seek her out, she is phenomenal) One afternoon sit down with her cute Mother and smiling Greek cousin in town and Lia and I had her package all settled. As they chatted with me, describing their plans so far, I began to grow such an excitement for their festivities! Although Lia was born and raised here in So Cal her family is very traditional in their Greek heritage. Her Mother and Father both speak with a beautiful accent and she was raised permeated in the culture itself. Her wedding was going to be filled with all the core customs that reflect it.

As you will see below, she wrote the names of her single friends on the bottom of her shoes, which legend states that whoever doesn’t get worn off in the day is next to marry, her good friend did the shoe “fitting” in which money is placed into the shoe until it makes it a snug fit. Even the house she grew up in (yes that’s her photo framed next to the bed where her dress is laid out) was decorated to celebrate the day with tooling to share the joy. Their ceremony was is a gorgeous Greek Orthodox church which displayed all the beautiful imagery of their faith in colorful depictions upon the walls and ceiling. The church is so sacred to a true disciple, we did specific photo variations twice just to show them on the steps with the alter behind. On to the reception, her mother actually home made the Greek desert treats to have out on platters for guests to enjoy… but most fun and best of the entire day: YES they broke plates and tossed money through the air like wild fire!!! I was right in the nucleus of the shattering ceramic and dollar bills falling amongst the bride and groom as they did the traditional Greek dances, holding hands with friends and family. It was SO MUCH FUN! With a 9 hour day and four locations I think we really caught the story of their day… Now the struggle for me was to pull the highlights to share here without using hundreds of shots lol. They have over 1800 photos to commemorate their beautiful celebration, this is a mere sampling of how it all transpired.

The best part of it all, once you get past the fun traditions and family blessings, is the genuine love that these two share. In their speech standing before 200 guests, both Lia and Tyson expressed how much they appreciated all who attended both near and far. But the true testament was when they both declared that they couldn’t wait for this day as it finally makes them husband and wife. She’s full of personality, he’s a cool customer; together they make such a dynamic team. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Mr and Mrs Petersen!

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