Artsy, Creative, Abbot Kinney Senior Portrait Session

This was no ordinary senior shoot. You see, I’ve known this young lady since she was born. I’ve been friends with her Mom for 23 years now, watching both her kids turn into amazing adults. To make a long story short, having kids just wasn’t in my cards… her kids have been like mine to me, watching them grow and go through all the phases of childhood. I recall Ruby with her big curls, stumbling around with her crazy Boston accent! To this day we all laugh that as she learned to talk it came with a “bean town” vibe. She’s always been unique so her senior session needed to reflect that.

Ruby is the rare kiddo that likes to read, loves to cook and bake and actually spends time with us even though a lot of teens go through a stage where it’s not cool. It’s always made me feel special that she wants to spend time with me and we stay up on each other’s lives. As she approached her senior year she has blossomed into this beautiful young woman with lots of friends, activities, a after-school job, boyfriends (that still blows me away lol) and this really fun style. She’s far from the norm, dressing with a distinct style, doing her makeup better than most women twice her age, and appreciating eclectic things life has to offer. She’s edgy but sweet, funny,quick-witted yet kind. Such a special little nugget to me!!! The funky street of Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach was such a fitting place for her to use as a backdrop for her photos. It’s ever changing with street art, colorful and modern styling and a flair for the artistic.

She has almost 500 photos uploading as I type, and it was painstaking to narrow them down as much as I did to share here. I had such a great time shooting, but an even better time reviewing these and seeing her personality shine through each one. I know these will perfectly document this important milestone in her life, showing who she is today to remember always.

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