Soon to be… Mr and Mrs Eleopoulos-Petersen

One of my all time favorite wedding coordinators to work with is Marla Lackey of Cheers to You Events. When she sends me a client, I already have high expectations of them being a cool couple, fun to be around and their wedding will be a big deal… Lia and Tyson did not disappoint. She’s got the Greek heritage (we’ve already nick-named their day “the big fat greek wedding”) and he’s super chill, easy to hang out with. Together they make this really sweet yin and yang of her bubbly personality and his grounding calm. I can’t wait to see how their wedding comes together with all the plans that I know so far!

We struggled with deciding a location for their engagement shoot. We bounced all around with their interests, relationship commonalities, hobbies, etc. We landed on Tyson’s namesake and the theme grew from there. Starting at the Petersen auto museum we played with the fancy cars and ironically some fun text on the walls that meant to speak about loving cars yet translated perfectly into the excitement of love and marriage. Let’s face it, love IS a many splendored thing!!! From there we shot over to Rodeo Drive for variety, all the while keeping the rich, elegant feeling moving forward. I’ve passed “The Golden Triangle” so many times over the years and always wanted to bring a couple here. My dream came true despite the heavy security wanting to kick us out the entire time. I furiously clicked while fast talking my way through mis-understanding the need for a permit in a public street. Apparently that one little corner is private property and massively coveted as a Beverly Hills landmark. Hmmfp. Regardless they were sure that we were shooting a magazine spread and were not happy about it. Just a giant compliment to Lia and Tyson that they looked like professional models! Last but not least we ended up back, right across the street from the museum, at the iconic lampposts at LACMA. I would have loved to wait until dusk when they were lit but knowing that Lia was freezing and Tyson had an early morning flight out of town I made lemonade.

I couldn’t wait to blog my favorites for them to see… but I also am really excited to share what an engagement shoot can be if you take a hot-spot like LA then pepper in dressy attire and chic backdrops. They look like pure luxury, don’t they? Your engagement shoot should be reflection of you, and these two definitely scream stylish, opulent and FUN.























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