Business Headshots and Corporate Coverage

I’ve been doing headshots for my clients for so many years… it’s always the previous client who used me for something else that asks if I will do it and I happily oblige. I’ve got it down to a science, where I can set up at the office/workplace and with the assistance of natural light (all I need is clean shade and a little trick I do) I can accomplish as many as 20 people in one stint. Because I specialize in weddings, families and kids I’ve never really promoted it. This morning I woke up with an Oprah “Ah Ha Moment” to finally do something to promote it. It’s really rewarding to give people an image that they love to show off and are happy to use in all their marketing and business promotional items. So many times it’s something that is put off because of previous experiences that were bad (how many people complain that it’s like a drivers license photo!) Or like me, something that’s always been in the back of your mind to do but never really addressed. Well now is the time!!!

I couldn’t resist the reminder that I also cover Corporate Events, again something that I simply never advertise. I’ve done everything from Magic Johnson speaking (middle image below) to Qualcomm events where they take over the entire Gaslamp District for the night. Skechers has been a repeat client, I could name drop a lot of big companies to say the least.

So without further delay, here’s my brand spanking new promotion and I will hope to get many more in the books for my 2017 year! Hope to hear from you!!!

Headshots Promo SM

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