Update on Life!

Ok, how in the world is it already February? I realized I have not posted a blog in an embarrassing amount of time. Yes, this isn’t the time of year where I am doing a lot of shoots… and all this rain hasn’t helped with that either. But other than sharing & showing fun shoots I guess I don’t check in often enough!

Love is in the air and my wedding calendar is taking shape nicely. I’m proud to say that I have contracts for everything from Cape Cod, Mass to Sonoma, CA along with a bunch of local goodies. I’m so thankful to be a preferred vendor at some of my favorite locations in the Orange County area, allowing me to be creative where I enjoy the most. Sherman Gardens Library & Gardens, La Casa del Camino (Rooftop!) Red Horse Barn, Nixon Library, Talega Golf Club are just a few name-droppers where I get to work often because of the great referrals from their catering managers/directors lists. I’m beyond excited for what I have booked so far and it’s only February! I even have my cousin’s wedding coming up in the fall. What a joy to work with my own family members!!

I’ve also done some really interesting and unique shoots that I haven’t been able to share due to confidentiality. Two words: ALICIA KEYS. Yep, that happened! Another really special gig that I can’t believe I was lucky enough to get (thanks to a groom from 10+ years ago) is the documentation of the entire renovation of the Queen Mary in Long Beach. They are doing a 45 million dollar overhaul to the boat itself and surrounding area. Without breeching contract let’s just say it’s going to be a whole new venue to hang out, throw and event and appreciate the historic ship in all it’s glory all over again. I got to walk through and photograph everything from the boiler room to the infamous indoor pool to inside the cabinet that covers the propellers. Yes, I even stood in the most “haunted corner” of the entire boat where lots of creepy tales have been told of super-natural visitors. Unfortunately I didn’t have an experience for myself but it was still cool to see the spot itself. Anyway, 2 months in I’ve had some adventurous shoots to say the least.

Winter is always the calm before the storm for being out shooting, ironically. Statistically it’s somewhere in the 60% range that gets engaged between Thanksgiving and New Years with another burst in February from Valentine’s Day proposals. Therefore once a couple has decided their venue I am usually next (besides a coordinator, if having one) for the selection process of their vendors. So, it’s a lot of meetings, answering questions, quoting packages and ideally locking in dates. Despite the busy-ness of that, it’s a perfect time to quench my snowboarding addiction. Thankfully my other half is just as much a fiend so together we take off to the local mountains or branch out to Mammoth for some quality time in the winter wonderland. Speaking of, I am STILL, after SIXTEEN YEARS in business, waiting and longing for a true winter wonderland themed wedding. If you or someone you know is looking to do this, please help make my dream come true to photograph such a stunning concept!!! I suppose everyone is spooked by the cold and the extra effort that snow creates for guests and planning/executing the event but man would I ever looooove to sink my teeth into it. Jus’ sayin’…

Onward and upward, going into year 16 is still very much eventful (pun intended) And I still pinch myself that I get to do a career, full time, for all these years, that is so enjoyable and rewarding. The people I get to meet and the special moments in other’s lives is always recognized and appreciated by me. I am a true testament to following your passion and your heart and there will always be a way to make it your life’s work~

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