Surprise Wedding at Monarch Beach Resort!

Sometimes the phone rings, and it’s not a telemarketer or a solicitor but a super cool, hip, woman who is searching for the perfect photographer for her big surprise wedding.

Surprise wedding you ask? Well, when you’re a jet setting, career driven couple enjoying life sometimes you simply omit the whole structure of “suppose to do” steps along the way. Their first child, Whitney, came along and that settled them down a bit… then along came Bryce to seal the deal of being a family of 4. Kristine and Dave kinda felt everything fell into place as life presented it, it wasn’t really until the kiddos started asking questions that they felt it just may be time…

Here’s the best part! They planned this whole thing without anyone (except her vendors) knowing what the day would bring. All of their immediate family thought they were coming for a family photo shoot!! Monarch Beach is a stay-cation destination for Dave & Kristine, so it wasn’t much of a stretch for everyone to assume they’d use the property for some family variations. Even walking up and seeing me didn’t raise an eyebrow since I was clearly the photographer for the family photos Finally, once they saw the actual sign posted by the beautiful botanical gardens and Matteo, the close friend of Dave and their chosen officiant, present (why would he be along for family photos?) that the lightbulb beamed it’s brilliance! To see the reactions were priceless, truly heartwarming. I captured them all, prepped and ready for the joy in learning they were about to witness these two tie the knot. Hey, it was a 1/2 truth, we DID take family photos afterwards lol.

I do plenty of large weddings with big wedding parties, dozens of guests and all those anticipated bells ‘n whistles… but often times it’s the smallest, most intimate that make me feel so special. I am like a wedding crasher when it’s just very close family, tagging along in this very intimate ride. It’s everyone who has life long relationships together, then little ole me who is right in the middle of it all. After sunset and some sweet toasts to the newlyweds I rolled away thinking “How lucky am I? THIS is how I earn money and live life” I may have been a blip in their day yet for me I will always remember the raw emotion and pure happiness from the McFarland and Towers families.

This day was THE perfect way to end my 2016 year of weddings. Thank you so much Mr and Mrs Towers, it was a total blast!


3 Responses to “Surprise Wedding at Monarch Beach Resort!”

  1. Dixie Towers Says:

    Jen, You are the BEST!

  2. Dixie Towers Says:

    Your wedding photos are awesome!

  3. Bonnie McFarland Says:

    Jen, it was such a pleasure to meet you. You made my daughters wedding even more special!
    I love live the photos!
    You were the best!

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