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Santa Ana Court House + Orange Hills = Perfection for Kristin & Edward

Some people who hear “Courthouse Wedding” think fast, cheap, not nearly as eventful… but it can actually be intimate, historic, old fashioned and very sweet. Especially in the case of Kristin who is a government official and Edward who is in government law. It felt like an extension of who they are and how they […]

Santa Monica Play Date with Steve + Ana

Ana and Steve are my new favorite couple right now… I only met them about a week ago but their love story is so powerful I was immediately sold. In fact, it’s SO good that I am going to make you wait until I post from their wedding day in August to share it. Cliffhanger!!! […]

Brooke + Phillip Make it Official in Del Mar

Where do I begin with this darling woman? I am positive we are kindred spirits after getting to know Brooke. Before I dive into their story, I must thank Rita and Michael Purcell from the bottom of my heart for introducing us and referring me for their wedding day. I’ve known the Purcell’s for about […]