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Hayden Blaes Pekar

Ahhh the joys of my work.  Photographing Jessica and Scott’s wedding, then their pregnancy session and now the birth of their first son, Hayden.  Jess had such an easy-peasy pregnancy that I was sure he was going to pop right out like butta.  Unfortunately he was breech, unable to turn and early.  Having a C […]

20/20 Wedding Confidential… two thumbs down!

Ok, so how many of you caught the special on ABC’s 20/20 last week that was attempting to dish a story to uncover the wedding industry?  If you did let me first start by apologizing for the hoax.  No excited bride or groom should have been subjected to such poorly researched and clearly uneducated reporting. […]

Brittany and Eric’s Big Day!

Another slam dunk for Talega Golf Club!  The day was elegant, progressed seamlessly and was filled with joy and happiness.  And Brittany has a smile and laugh that could light up any room, let alone the beautiful ballroom at Talega.  She’s so fun to be around, nothing but positive energy surrounds her.  When I first […]

Happy New Year!!! 2013 let’s do this…

My apologizes for going MIA the past few weeks.  I really love sharing shoots, weddings and life but I found myself swept away with ensuring everyone’s custom photo cards, print orders, etc were created and delivered as fast as possible over the holidays.  My work ethic always seems to supersede and I find myself feeling […]