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Art Gallery Prints

I’ve been traveling my entire adult life, always with my camera in-hand.  In the many places I’ve explored for work and pleasure I’ve collected some really cool moments and documented some interesting places.  I spend so many of my vacation days waking up before dawn or parking myself in the right area at sunset to […]

Party of 7

I had such a great time visiting and photographing the Gerhard family.  I photographed Carrie and Bob’s oldest daughter’s wedding 2 years ago, so I was super happy to be working with them again now that Rebecca and Brady have a baby.  I hear this all the time, Carrie told me yesterday “I’ve been wanting […]

Jason, Kari, Dylon and Capri

Everytime I see the DeAngelos my faith is resorted in cool people.  When living in Orange County, especially on Lido Isle and being so gorgeous it would be easy to be one of the stereotypical personalities so unfortunately common.  Not Kari and Jason!  She is as beautiful inside and she is outside and he’s such […]

Andrew and Vanessa

These two have so much serendipity in their love story it would be fighting the heavens to NOT be together.  I could go on and on with tales of their kismet, it was even discussed in their ceremony, but I’ll just give you a taste.  Andrew’s Father was saying there was a time he was […]