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The Royal Wedding recap–my humble opinion

Did you think I’d be anywhere else than in front of my flatscreen at 1:00am when coverage began with guest arrivals? I was not only glued to it but well prepared.  I napped in the afternoon as to not accidentally doze off.  I baked home made blueberry scones with lemon glaze and brewed english tea. […]

Mike and Kristi– A Classic Engagement Shoot

LOVE me some Mike and Kristi.  They’re such a cool couple and a perfect fit together.  We’ve had such a battle with catching a beautiful afternoon for their beach shoot.  We’ve rescheduled a handful of times with iffy winter weather threats, so I was hugely relieved when I rounded the curve at Crown Valley Parkway […]

Happy Birthday photojenic!!!

April 6th 2001 I made a giant leap. Most small businesses don’t have an exact day in which they were born, I just so happen to have a birth day for photojenic! I’d been working for a studio doing weddings and shoots along with taking my own wedding jobs on the side.  The day I […]