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Hanging with Riley and Zack

Riley and Zack… I could sop ’em up with a biscuit!  I’ve been capturing their little lives for a couple years now.  They are the kiddos of Ashley Powell, Agape Planning.  I not only get the pleasure of working with Ashley often at Nixon Library but am so honored that she chooses me to do […]

Sailing with Jen and JS at the helm

I’m a total sucker for a creative concept.  I’ll spend triple the usual time on a shoot if it inspires me, grabs the true personalities of the couple or just depicts a piece of their world in an authentic way.  I had the pleasure of spending Saturday with Jen and JS along with JS’s family […]

Snowboard Review by Jen

If you’re perusing my blog regarding photography services feel free to bypass this little rave.  But if you have any interest in snowboarding then this may serve you well.  As anyone who knows me knows, my second passion to photography is snowboarding.  It’s why I have a home in Big Bear, why I get in […]