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Making Lemonade!

What a week it’s been!  Three shoots rescheduled due to rain… Argh!!!  I hate having to postpone the elaborate plans made for location, clothing and scheduling.  This is the first October I can remember as a professional photographer where it was so gloomy, rainy and unpredictable.  It feels like it’s deep into November from a […]

Cynthia and Nathan- Saddlerock Ranch, Malibu

Aaaahhhh Cindy and Nate… If you follow me regularly you would know the backstory to this gem of a couple.  I posted their engagement shoot a few months back and revealed how they went from strangers to clients to friends all before their wedding day arrived.  Photographing their wedding was SO much fun!!!  It’s such […]


After my “new” website is rounding 2 years old I have finally given you the opportunity to see what I look like!!!  I’d been meaning to add a photo of myself to my “about Jen” page and my blog ever since it’s conception.  I am truly the shoe-maker with no shoes!  After all this time […]