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Big Bear’s Historic Storm

I’m sure you’ve seen it all over the news, Big Bear got hammered on last week.  Did you know that the last storm of this magnitude was back in 1969’s El Nino year?  After the last 24 hours adventure I can honestly say there can be too much of a good thing.  Brandon and I […]

Help Haiti-Please read and pass on!!!

Wow… I am beyond astonished by the devastation in Haiti.  Anyone catch the 20/20 special reporting what it’s like on the streets, the need for assistance, food, water, search and rescue/recovery…?  There are already some spectacular, moving photos taken by some very brave journalists.  Although I would love that opportunity professionally I don’t think my […]

Christine and Brendan- Pregnancy Shoot

I feel like Christine and Brendan’s wedding was yesterday… in reality it was actually August of 2005 at The St Regis.  When they walked in my door this afternoon they looked exactly the same too!  I was so excited to get an email from Christine hearing the news that they are having a baby, let […]

Shawn, Richard and the fur-kids!

This is a fun shoot to share because of the background behind how they found me.  I had just ran in Starbucks by my house for a fix…  I mean coffee… when I come out to see Shawn and Richard hovering by my car.  Although I am not a believer of leaving animals in the […]