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Avery the 4 year old rock star!

I wish I could blog every shoot… it’s the ones that stand out to me that are irresistible to share.  After meeting Miss Avery and spending a few hours with this unbelievable 4 year old I knew I’d be telling you all about her. Let’s start with her first walking through my door.  She immediately […]

Jackie and Dean’s Engagement Sesh

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Jackie and Dean.  Their wedding is August 14th at West Point NY… I was sooo disappointed that I was already booked when his Mom approached me.  The best I could do is an engagement session for them even though I love to travel for weddings […]

Christmas FUN

I hope you all had a great holiday!!!  I sure did.  Spent 4 days in my Big Bear home with my Mom, Sister and fur-kids (yep, that’s my entire family).  It was sooo relaxing to be there with them just hanging out and enjoying an escape from the usual hustle and bustle of life.  Christmas […]

Cookie Mania!

Aside from the Christmas tree, a main event of every single Christmas is the 15+ year tradition of baking home made cookies to give to all my friends, trusty vendors, neighbors and anyone who has shown exceptional kindness or assistance to me earlier in the year.  It’s physically back breaking for both my Mom and […]

The Calm Before the Storm… literally.

It’s a crisp evening in Big Bear, currently 26 degrees at 8:00pm and dropping rapidly.  I came up this past Wednesday for a shoot and decided to stay through the weekend.  The shoot was a huge success, used my house as different sets (each room is different decor & colors with beautiful natural light) then […]

KEVIN & MOLLY- Nixon Library

When I first met with Molly and Kevin and they began to describe their ideas, decor, the vibe they want for their day I was blown away.  How often do you see a charcoal wedding dress?  Or black roses?  Their theme was so unique I knew it was something I could really sink my teeth […]