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Modern Family, Rustic Setting

I’ve known Courtney for over a decade now.  We met when my career was more focused (pun intended) on modeling work than weddings, hence we did a bunch of artsy, creative portfolio work together when she was pursuing her model career.  I’m talking BMW at night with headlights back lighting her & fog machine type […]

Baby Thomas on the way- Pregnancy Shoot

Before I say anything, I have to acknowledge the power of referral.  I need to thank Natalie Vishny of Swellegant Events for sending me Lauren and Adam who have since sent me Amy and Jon.  I wasn’t fortunate enough to meet these two in time for their wedding, however being a bridesmaid in Lauren’s wedding […]

Nesting time for Jess and Doug

A five bedroom home in escrow, eight months pregnant and this baby girl is on her way!  It’s funny how life seems to go in waves.  We can spend months, or even years doing status quo.  Then there are the surges of change and growth that like to barrel down all at once.  We could […]

Rachel and Ronnie’s #2 – Pregnancy Photos

I am so honored to help Rachel and Ronnie document all the milestones of their life.  I came on board for their wedding and from there have photographed her first pregnancy, the newborn photos for their son Dagen and now baby number two!  I instantly hit it off with both Rachel and Ronnie back before […]

Superbowl Schmuperbowl! Let’s go shooting!!

Kristen and Jay really earned some great images.  We spent the entire week prior to Sunday tracking the weather, the clouds and marine layer that was due to potentially ruin our beach location.  I am used to playing meteorologist, but it must have been frustrating for them.  Finally the day came and the sun was […]

Jessica and Scott +1

I’ve known Scott before he found his Jessica, he’s been friends with my brother for many, many years.  So when they met and fell in love it was natural progression for me to photograph their wedding day.  Fast forward three years and I am honored to document their baby boy on the way in January. […]

The Nix Family

First off, my apologizes for such a big gap between blog posts.  I’m usually much more diligent in sharing images, what I’m up to and all things ‘photojenic’.  The past couple weeks have been a whirlwind of meeting with newly engaged couples, filling up my calendar with wedding contracts and of course plenty of snowboarding. […]

Alex & Amber’s little one on the way!

As I start many a pregnancy blog, I met Alex and Amber by photographing their wedding day.  I immediately clicked with Amber, so organized, coordinated and fun to be around.  Both of them are also fur-parents; even included Hannah in their wedding day down the isle.  I’m so happy for them that they’re now expecting! […]

“Baby H” is on her way!

I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 years since I photographed Jen and Matt’s wedding day.  I remember it like it was yesterday!  Mainly because Matt was so adorably in love with Jen that it moved me to tears… yep, I got all choked up at their wedding.  It was right after they walked back […]

Mia’s coming soon!

Aaaahhh the joy of my career…  photographing weddings then down the road seeing the progression of their pregnancy, the baby arriving and all the moments thereafter.  I worked with Dean and Andrea a couple years ago (I believe I even blogged their wedding day if you want to search backwards)  and had a great time […]

Rachel and Ronnie are Expecting

I was not only so happy to hear that Rachel is pregnant, but that she’d contacted me to create special memories of this time in their life.  I photographed their wedding back in 2008 and really hit it off with them.  I immediately meshed with Ronnie as he grew up in Big Bear.  In fact […]

Suzy and Kevin, anticipating little Sophie

First off, it’s been far too long since I’ve been on here.  Lots going on, somehow a day turns into a week lately.  But I’m back with lots of shoots and weddings to be sharing… much more to come by the end of this month!!!  Worth checking back for… I didn’t meet Suzy and Kevin […]

Christine and Brendan- Pregnancy Shoot

I feel like Christine and Brendan’s wedding was yesterday… in reality it was actually August of 2005 at The St Regis.  When they walked in my door this afternoon they looked exactly the same too!  I was so excited to get an email from Christine hearing the news that they are having a baby, let […]

Cat and Dan are expecting!

I couldn’t resist to blog this one… I photographed Cat and Dan’s wedding back in Feb ’05 in Maui.  Destination weddings tend to bring you closer to a couple and I really spent a good amount of time with them on that trip.  They were (and are) so in love it was very cool to […]

Family and Pregnancy Shoot

As promised I am back much sooner with a new blog!  I did a really fun shoot yesterday so might as well give it a share… I’ve been working with Tiffany and Mike since she first did a special shoot to surprise her husband long before kiddos.  I photographed her again when she found out […]

Long time no post!

Summertime is always nuts… but in a really good way!  I just realized I haven’t blogged in far too long.  Oops!!!  I’ve been crazy-busy with so many wonderful projects, weddings, shoots and fun.  I wish I could share one of the most recent shoots, but it’s “top secret”  I had two of my clients who […]

Taunya’s Pregnancy Photo Shoot

I don’t have enough kind words to say about Taunya.  I was lucky enough for her to come into my life last year, right around this time.  She actually stumbled upon my myspace page- and hired me for her wedding in Santa Barbara.  Ironically her wedding date was also my birthday therefore I was […]

My apologies

I am so sorry for taking so long to blog again. It’s been a whirlwind ever since I got back from my Park City trip. (which was way too much fun btw) I think a lot of couples got engaged over the holidays because I have had some great meetings since I’ve been home. The […]