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Art Gallery Prints

I’ve been traveling my entire adult life, always with my camera in-hand.  In the many places I’ve explored for work and pleasure I’ve collected some really cool moments and documented some interesting places.  I spend so many of my vacation days waking up before dawn or parking myself in the right area at sunset to […]

Big Bear Summer Series

I’ve been so busy with shooting and editing weddings the past few weeks that I’ve neglected the images I’ve been capturing throughout the summertime in Big Bear.  As you know, it’s my happy place therefore I’ve been escaping to it as much as possible around the nuptial nuttiness that is April through October.  Around my […]

Spring in the Bear

One day I shall publish a photo coffee table book of the four seasons of Big Bear… getting there very slowly but surely. Yesterday was one of those magical days that might has well had been my birthday or a far away vacation.  And it was in my own backyard!  With my friend Jenn’s 4wd […]

Art Gallery Showing this Friday 4/1

Please come out to view a showing of my Art Gallery Series.  I am so thrilled to be displayed at Joel Maus’ Studio EMP at Fullerton Artwalk this Friday night!  I have been wanting to promote my travel and art work for years.  I am never without my camera every second I travel near or […]

The Winter Collection

People portraits may be my bread and butter, but scenery is a secret passion.  I’m always on a quest to capture in images how I see the beauty in front of me.  I’m continually adding to my Art Gallery Series as the years pass, as I travel and as I am presented with such gorgeousness! […]

The Beauty of Fall

To know me is to know my passion for winter.  The clean white, the stillness of nature and of course snowboarding!  But fall is definitely a close second.  Growing up in Laguna I didn’t really get to see the majesty that fall can bring.  I knew it got chilly at night and was the season […]