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Spring has Sprung

Happy first day of Spring! Where did the time go from the holidays until now? I think this is the longest stretch I’ve ever had in my blog history since it’s conception. It was brought to my attention by a sweet Mother-of-a-Bride who enjoys checking in on my blogs that it’s been far too long […]

Update on Life!

Ok, how in the world is it already February? I realized I have not posted a blog in an embarrassing amount of time. Yes, this isn’t the time of year where I am doing a lot of shoots… and all this rain hasn’t helped with that either. But other than sharing & showing fun shoots […]

Michele + Siegfried at The Decorative Arts Villa, San Juan Capistrano

I’m not sure which I am more enamored by, the venue itself or this couple’s awesome love story… I hadn’t done an event at The Villa in years, therefore behind those beautiful wooden doors I pass often, I finally had the opportunity to see all that has been refurbished and remodeled by the newer owners. […]

The Motels + Duke Michaels Band at The Cave, Big Bear Lake

One of my biggest passions in life is music.  If I went blind and could no longer take a photograph, if my knees crumbled and I had to forgo snowboarding, mtn biking, hiking, if my taste buds disintegrated and the “foodie” in me no longer could exist I would still find a fulfilling comfort in […]

Refroc Billards Co

I meet friends in all different ways… and am proud to say I know a lot of amazing people who chase all different dreams and career paths.  This is a neat story.  So, to know me well is to know that I love a silly little app called “Song Pop”  It’s kind of like a […]

New Year, new look!

If you’re reading this then hopefully you accessed my blog from my brand new website.  However if you keep this link tabbed, you gotta go check out As you may have realized, my previous website wasn’t accessible though tablets or smart phones deeming me useless to all who search and utilize devices beyond their […]

The New ME!

Been a while since my last post on here, sorry for the hiatus.  I’ve been working a ton this summer between wedding season, families, engagement shoots and senior portrait sessions.  I just took a mid-year breather last weekend to celebrate my Birthday with some good friends.  A lot of years I’ll skip the big hubbub […]

Engagement with a San Clemente theme

Rebecca and Harrison are my little pool sharks… They approach me at 6pm sharp at San Clemente pier, saying they’ve never done anything like this before.  They claim they’ve never taken real pictures together before.  And Rebecca even admits to me she’s nervous.  I’m thinking I’ll have to coax them into feeling natural, casual and […]

Welcome to the World Quinn!

If you peruse backwards, you’ll find Kristen and Jay’s engagement session, wedding day highlights and pregnancy shoot all blogged.  I simply cannot resist showing off everything I do for them!  I know I am biased because they are such nice, sincere, good people.  But then again, maybe that’s why they always get the best from […]

20/20 Wedding Confidential… two thumbs down!

Ok, so how many of you caught the special on ABC’s 20/20 last week that was attempting to dish a story to uncover the wedding industry?  If you did let me first start by apologizing for the hoax.  No excited bride or groom should have been subjected to such poorly researched and clearly uneducated reporting. […]

Happy New Year!!! 2013 let’s do this…

My apologizes for going MIA the past few weeks.  I really love sharing shoots, weddings and life but I found myself swept away with ensuring everyone’s custom photo cards, print orders, etc were created and delivered as fast as possible over the holidays.  My work ethic always seems to supersede and I find myself feeling […]

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Here’s to you Mother Nature!

Most of you know me as a photographer.  But beyond the camera I hold, past the car I drive, the area that I grew up (“The OC”) even my fashion skills is a HUGE tree-hugging nature lover!  To know me well is to have experienced my inner hippie that cherishes nature… Camping, hiking, snowshoeing, mountain […]

Reason #128,697 why I LOVE what I do.

Picture this… I’m on a chairlift riding up to the top of Geronimo, Bear Mountain.  That in itself is a very joyful place for me.  As I am enjoying the beautiful blue skies and fresh powder I decided to take a moment to check email on my iPhone.  (I strive to stay on top of […]

Happy New Year (aloha style)

Happy New Year!  I truly hope that everyone I care for had a wonderful, magical holiday season.  I don’t mean to come off ungrateful, but I was more than happy to say “good riddens” to 2011. For those who had a fabulous year that’s AWESOME!  But for a lot of my good friends, clients and […]

Photos are Priceless.

I hope you all have been enjoying the holiday season!  Another Christmas has just passed, amazing how time marches on… This year my fam spent a whole 5 days at my Big Bear home relaxing and enjoying the “white Christmas” feel.  It’s been such a splurge to sleep too much, eat too much, catchup on […]

Field Trippin at the San Diego Zoo

Did you know it’s only $75 to get a year’s pass at the world famous San Diego Zoo?  That’s right, come back as much as you want for one fee.  I think it’s extra low in proving to be a So Cal resident as well.  I’m definitely planning to visit more often throughout the year. […]

The Apple of My i

I’ve never been so broken up about a man I’ve never met and someone who didn’t know I existed.  It’s the strangest kind of sad to be mourning the death of Steve Jobs.  He died in his home, family surrounded at 4:45 on Wednesday.  I knew at 4:48.  Thanks to HIS technology (I lovingly refer […]

Boys Will Be Boys!

I had such a fun afternoon with these two littles.  Alex and Matthew are a couple of characters!  Bryn, their Mom, found me because we both went to the same high school (DHHS-go dolphins!) and I’ve done some shoots of other alums.  She was the athlete, surprise surprise I was the yearbook camera nerd.  And […]

Ten Years Ago Today…

Just as our previous generations can recollect with great detail where they were when Kennedy was shot, when the bombs dropped on Pearl Harbor, the news of the Nuremberg Laws… I can remember September 11, 2001 vividly.  I was 6 when Reagan was shot and ironically home from school sick on the couch to watch […]