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Smokin’ Hot Surprise

Erika and I are rolling the dice that her fiancé, George, doesn’t troll my blog for fresh posts… I think the odds are with us!  Erika wanted to give her soon-to-be husband a gift like no other on their wedding day.  This is surely IT.  George is a fireman, so incorporating some of his work […]

What a role model! Meet Leslie

Leslie is magnetic.  One of those people who you meet and in the first two minutes can tell is bright, self-made, sophisticated yet down to earth and FUN.  I’ve worked with her a handful of times with her and her two boys (fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, these boys are characters) but this […]

The Best Wedding Gift Ever!!!

If you go a few blogs back you’ll see the Laguna engagement shoot I did for Christine and Matthew;  you’ll see cute Christine with her fiance and how great they are together.  After such a success with that shoot she came to me with a scheme.  She wanted to create a fashion shoot of sexy […]

Boudoir/Fashion Shoot

Every woman should do this once in their lifetime, if not once a year!  I photographed Deri and Sam’s wedding, so when I heard their story I couldn’t wait to dive into this big gift idea.  Her husband Sam is in Iraq.  He’s a firefighter with the department of defense on a base near Baghdad-wow! […]