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V E G A $

I don’t always get to run with a wolf pack when I travel for work, this trip I literally flew solo.  I spent two days covering an event for Direct TV at the world famous Cesears Palace.  And I even had the opportunity to photograph Michael Strickland (I don’t get star struck over football but […]

Happy New Year (aloha style)

Happy New Year!  I truly hope that everyone I care for had a wonderful, magical holiday season.  I don’t mean to come off ungrateful, but I was more than happy to say “good riddens” to 2011. For those who had a fabulous year that’s AWESOME!  But for a lot of my good friends, clients and […]

Joshua Tree camping trip images

So while everyone 40 and under was driving out to the Cochella music fest this past weekend (painted signs on windows going down the 1o freeway) Andres and I were about to give nature a big warm hug.  I went into this thinking I was going to do a similar trip as Anza-Borrego with wildflowers […]

Wildflowers in Anza-Borrego

Just returned from a great little photo trip.  My friend’s Uncle has a ‘rustic’ (5 star camping) cabin in Julian so that was my home base for all that surrounded the area.  With the El Nino winter we had the bar was set for some amazing wildflowers to have emerged in the desert.  I hit […]

Doggy Debacle

If you don’t already know this about me I am a major night owl (hoot hoot)  I try to be more of a morning person in the winter months so I can get fresh tracks on the mountain, but all summer long I am either working late at a wedding or you can find me […]