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Shana, Franklin and their Mom Karen

I am so drawn to post my shoots with dogs, I can’t help it!  I couldn’t resist sharing this one.  Partially because Shana and Franklin are so adorable, but also because I just love Karen, their mom.  I met Karen about 8 or 9 years ago; I photographed her wedding.  Times change and she isn’t […]

Lady, Rita & Michael

All reasons for doing a photoshoot are special, if nothing else it’s documenting a time in your life.  But this one particularly pulled my heartstrings. I met Rita and Michael about 8 years ago, early on in my business.  We did a shoot together back then when their dog, Lady, was only 2.  The years […]

Man (and woman’s) Best Friend

Meet Kali…. My clients/friends Matt and Jen have remained in touch with me since their wedding one year ago.  In fact, right as the wedding was approaching they were in the process of trying to lock in a beautiful home in Laguna Niguel just minutes away from me.  Their dream came true at the first […]

Shawn, Richard and the fur-kids!

This is a fun shoot to share because of the background behind how they found me.  I had just ran in Starbucks by my house for a fix…  I mean coffee… when I come out to see Shawn and Richard hovering by my car.  Although I am not a believer of leaving animals in the […]


A much needed breather from sitting in front of my G5 the last two days in a row.  I was actually inspired to do this little doggie shoot from viewing the Balemar Hotel in Manhattan Beach yesterday morning.  That will be the location of the 104.3 FM “wedding in a week” promotion I am doing […]