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A Bride’s Perspective Post-Wedding Day

As I scroll through the regular workday emails, in comes such a beautiful note from a previous bride… and my world stopped as I digested her kind words.  It was such a poignant reminder of why I love what I do and why I choose to always go the extra mile.  I honestly read it […]

Reason #128,697 why I LOVE what I do.

Picture this… I’m on a chairlift riding up to the top of Geronimo, Bear Mountain.  That in itself is a very joyful place for me.  As I am enjoying the beautiful blue skies and fresh powder I decided to take a moment to check email on my iPhone.  (I strive to stay on top of […]

Meet the Wiley’s

Had such a great day with Andrea, Dean and Miss Mia.  Everything from their wedding day to her pregnancy photos, capturing the newborn stage and now Mia at 6 months has built a cool time capsule so far!  Mia is a real-life doll… just so perfect.  And with all babies being so different I had […]