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September Session Sale going on NOW!

This is the biggest one yet! After much time and consideration, weighing the evolution of photography and client’s wants/needs I knew it was time to restructure. With digital photography being so accessible it’s hard to understand why a photographer would want to hold the files and make prints for you… I get that. So now […]


March Madness Print Sale

New Year, new look!

If you’re reading this then hopefully you accessed my blog from my brand new website.  However if you keep this link tabbed, you gotta go check out As you may have realized, my previous website wasn’t accessible though tablets or smart phones deeming me useless to all who search and utilize devices beyond their […]

SEPTEMBER SESSION SALE 2013– It’s that time!


“Like” me on Facebook!

Until I get all techy with my web designer and add a ‘thumbs up’ blue icon just wanted to share my photojenic Facebook page! Please check it out and “like” me so you can follow the latest photos, banter and posts and stay better connected with me. Thanks!!!


After my “new” website is rounding 2 years old I have finally given you the opportunity to see what I look like!!!  I’d been meaning to add a photo of myself to my “about Jen” page and my blog ever since it’s conception.  I am truly the shoe-maker with no shoes!  After all this time […]

104.3 MY FM Wedding in a Week

What a whirlwind!  Jeannie Ward of Wedding Jeannie was invited by 104.3  and Wedding Wire to put on their “wedding in a week” giveaway.  One lucky couple was voted for by their listeners to win an entire wedding!  I couldn’t resist being a part of it.  The Belamar Hotel hosted in Manhattan Beach along […]


A much needed breather from sitting in front of my G5 the last two days in a row.  I was actually inspired to do this little doggie shoot from viewing the Balemar Hotel in Manhattan Beach yesterday morning.  That will be the location of the 104.3 FM “wedding in a week” promotion I am doing […]

104.3 MYfm and Wedding Wire’s “Wedding in a Week” giveaway

One lucky couple (go enter TODAY) will get the chance to win an entire wedding with top vendors, yours truly as the photographer, on 104.3’s radio station.  The trick is the wedding is planned in ONE WEEK.  All the cool vendors have been selected to offer their services so it’s a just a matter of […]

Been doing my homework!

I’m super pumped!! As many of my clients/friends know I began working with a new, incredibly custom, gorgeous card company for this last years holiday cards. Everyone who ordered them was so happy and got such a huge response from their friends and family in which they sent them to. Well, why stop there? This […]