Spring has Sprung

Happy first day of Spring!

Where did the time go from the holidays until now? I think this is the longest stretch I’ve ever had in my blog history since it’s conception. It was brought to my attention by a sweet Mother-of-a-Bride who enjoys checking in on my blogs that it’s been far too long (I noticed, not her via complaint) No excuses but to say that life has been a whirlwind is an understatement.

Although I did shoot a couple small weddings since The New Year (and really should go backwards and post some highlights) most of the winter months are spent booking and scheduling events for the coming year. Wedding season doesn’t really kick in until May, then goes all through the busiest month of the year- OCTOBER!! I’ve got some really special ones locked into my 2018 calendar. There are a lot of fun personalities, people who have fantastic love stories and even a destination for here rather than me traveling to them. As they come to fruition I’ll be blogging and sharing without a doubt. I am continually reminded why I love what I do and that I am still, after going into my 17th year in business, doing my life’s work. This is the typical busy-ness of winter… the rest is not…

I pride myself on being extremely active on social media. I post(ed) to Insta twice a day, Facebook at least a few times a week. I like being “out there” and hopefully in the front of all prospective photography users minds. As of February my regular jam came to a grinding halt. My Mom, who had me at 40 years old back before it was common-place, fainted, fell and due to the slam to the ground broke her hip. It came out of nowhere as she’s always been in astonishingly good health for her age. I take her to all her doctor appointments, pick up all her prescriptions, even arranged to have her eyes brought back to 20/20 health thanks to the latest technology in cataract surgery. Beyond breaking her hip joint and needing immediate hip replacement surgery was the question of why did she pass out in the first place? Four days in the hospital then two weeks in a full time rehabilitation center and we still don’t 100% know. We’re taking all precautions as to what could have contributed and she is thankfully recovering swimmingly… but the past month has been a blur for me. I managed to make it to the hospital and rehab home nearly every single day with as little as her favorite cookie, a visit from Leroy (Lola is too wild) or as much as watching episodes of our favorite tv shows and home cooked dinners. To add an extra element of torture, her sweet kitty had to be put down during her stay as well. We had already been working on a bunch of home renovations before the incident, so construction was rampant along side all her medical chaos. SoooOooOooo with all things said, I ghosted everyone on every platform LOL. It was a bizarre break from the world I was so accustom to where I did my regular work days, my clockwork posts, lunches with industry friends, peppered in with plans with friends, date nights and all of the normal comforts of life.

There clearly isn’t a more perfect moment to catch up on my blog than to explain where the heck I’ve been and why! Nope, not a case of the lazies nor have I been snowboarding like a boss (I WISH!) I’m just grateful that Mom’s going to be okay and we’re on a road to recovery! Stephen has been my rock throughout all of this. Where one man may crack he only proves his love stronger than ever before. I was gratefully reminded who are my dearest that truly care when the chips are down and painfully who are fair-weather friends. And the ones who have completely disappeared that *should* care, not about me but my fragile Mom. As we dealt day by day with each development Stephen and I kept our mantra “We have our health and we have each other” Sometimes that’s plenty enough to keep plugging through the tough stuff. Hug your loved ones and reach out to those you miss for this thing called life is rather fleeting… Tell someone you love them, show you care if you really do. Time waits for nothing or no one!

2018 has already shown itself to be dynamic, let’s see what else may be in store. Stay tuned!!!

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